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Only 41 Days to Spring

By: Pro From Dover

We know what you’re thinking today.

You’re looking out the window at what may become a historic blizzard. You are envisioning  your favorite local course covered with deep, heavy, grass smothering snow. You’re despairing that summer will never come. The Governor has just announced driving is banned so you can’t even seek solace at your local indoor range. Golf is so far away. Misery.

On the other hand:

March 21 is only 41 days away. We’re over the mid winter hump.

We now have more than ten hours of daylight. The days are getting longer. And, according to health experts, once we get to February 10, at this global latitude, the sun on your skin creates vitamin D. That’s a big deal.

Around Boston last year, we had almost 20% less rain than normal. January this year had very little. That’s not good. But this water laden storm will be a great step toward bringing the water tables up to normal, if not higher. We need the water. Really. And heavy snow is the best way to ensure that it seeps deep. Short term pain :: long term gain.

The Pebble Beach Pro Am is on, now! Golf Channel…now. One of the most beautiful courses in the world. Jack Nicklaus said if he had only one more round to play, it would be on Pebble Beach…and he didn’t even design it.  For your amusement, some of the vainest, most narcissistic, ego centric people on the planet display their golf ineptitude. The best part is most of them actually think they’re pretty good. It makes us feel better about our games.

Belichick is playing. No hoody. Certainly not headed for the Golf Hall of Fame.

Tomorrow the storm will be over and you’ll be able to hit balls somewhere; begin getting your golf muscles toned up. What are the chances of two historic storms coming in one winter? It’s all downhill from here. Ya gotta have faith.

Your next door neighbor has been teasing you that he is flying to Florida tonight for a few days of golf. Uh, uh. Schadenfreude.

The Cape is getting some snow but within a week or so some of those courses will be open again. Promise.

We got a break last year. Your pro played all winter long on his home course and you probably did too. Consider this nature evening things out.

My father used to consider March 21 the real New Year and I adopted that view of life from him. All kinds of good things begin around then the most important being the golf season in New England.

41 days. Hang in there.