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The Endless Golf Season

By: Pro From Dover

Autumn arrived this week. We got the feel of it over the past couple of weeks but the sun made it official by crossing the equator on Tuesday.

We have a love hate relationship with this time of year. We love it for a lot of reasons.

  • Cool, crisp, fresh morning air.
  • Wisps of fog draped on fairways just after dawn.
  • Courses have healed from the ravages of aerating and are back in first class condition.
  • The trees are staging on their annual light show.
  • Crowds have diminished. Casual players are back at work, watching football and doing other things.
  • Great deals on equipment are everywhere. Retailers need to move inventory and get cash for next year.
  • Greens fees are reduced at most public access clubs. Check out WEEI Country Club!
  • We savor each round because it may be the last in warm weather.

We hate it because of all that follows. We’ve become much less tolerant of cold weather with age.

Of course, depending upon where you listen to WEEI sports programming your engagement with fall can be excrutiatingly short or wonderfully prolonged. Cold weather, frost and snow come early up north but courses stay open on the Cape and in parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut through the entire winter subject to the whims of the weather gods. Those gods have not been kind the past couple of years so maybe the Cape will catch a break this time around.

In 1966 a wonderful movie, The Endless Summer, was released. Many think of it as the definitive movie of the surfing culture. Two young guys traveled around the world seeking the perfect wave and encountered memorable surf and a cast of characters hard to describe. It was a stunning visual and uplifting emotional ride.

We have mused from time to time about that movie and dreamt about an endless summer of golf for a born and bred New Englander.

As the cold weather sets in, we’d pack the car and invite along a good golf buddy and head south. Between us, we’d know enough connected people to have access to top courses all the way down the coast. We’d pick  spots, perhaps Long Island, makes some calls and try to get on Shinnecock, Beth Page and others.

We’d try to stay a couple of weeks ahead of the cold and work our way down through New Jersey, Virginia and into the Carolinas. We’d play golf, drink scotch, eat at the locals’ favorites and try not to be too enslaved by an itinerary. If we found a place we liked (Charleston, SC comes to mind as a prime candidate) maybe we’d linger there for a while.

One of our buddies doesn’t belong to a club but he is a wonderfully engaging, entertaining story teller to whom people gravitate. He’ll walk cold into just about any social situation and depart having met everyone and having made a few new friends.

He says, with not a little pride, that he’s a member of Leechmore Country Club. Why pay the big tariff of a private club when he can play just about anywhere he wants? We’d try to persuade our pal to come along.

We’d time our trip to reach Miami in the dead of winter. We’d cross Alligator Alley, work our way up the west coast, cross over the Ponte Vedra a some point and then gradually follow the retreating frost line northward. We’d time our return to the Opening Day Shotgun at our home course.

It’s a fantasy, of course. Time, money, things to do. The usual stuff.

But life is about dreams and goals.

On the other hand, it might be easier to move to San Diego.