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May 10, 2012 at 2:16 am ET

RIP Carl Beane, the Voice of Fenway Park

By Jon "Bernie" Albanese


When I arrived at the studio today to get ready for the rubber game of the Red Sox/Royals series in Kansas City I figured that if I heard any bad news, it would be about either a last-minute lineup change, or something about a delay in Jacoby Ellsbury’s return to the Red Sox.   Instead I heard of a lineup change…but not the one anyone expected.  I was informed that Carl Beane, a staple of Fenway Park since 2003 as the Red Sox’ PA announcer, had passed away earlier in the day. 

Back in 2009, I heard that there was a Boston vs. New York Media game at Fenway Park (& Yankee stadium) every year.  I wanted in real bad, so I asked Joe Castiglione how I would be able to get involved.  He told me that he’d ask Carl Beane, the team’s manager for me.  The next day, I was on the phone with Joe talking about that night’s broadcast and he happened to be standing next to Carl…Joe turned to him, asked him about the Media game and Carl (with his booming pipes) said  “no problem, have Jon be at Fenway on the day of the game at 8:30am.” 

Meeting Carl in person was surreal, as I had heard his voice over the radio and over the PA at Fenway when I went to games for years…his voice was totally unique and instantly recognizable.   I had the honor of talking with him at length a few times about baseball, broadcasting and his love for the Red Sox and I, along with anyone else who had the privelage of meeting with, speaking and listening to Carl instantly came away with the feeling of kindness, comfort, and that he loved what he did & wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

During tonight’s broadcast, Joe Castiglione asked listeners to text in their remembrances of Carl…here’s some of the responses we received:

-So lucky-met Carl Beane twice. He was SO proud of being from Western MA. Spoke 2 Amherst Baseball banquet great stories let everyone wear his WS ring.

-John in Warren Ma. My favorite Carl Bean memory was from July 2005. Carl annonced my twin sons Little League Tournament in Holland Ma as if the players were in a Major League game @Fenway. That day he also let anyone that wanted to wear his World Series Ring wear it and take pictures. A thrilling day for players and parents. A very nice man.

-Makes sense that Carl Beane loved his role with the red sox, he had the perfect voice for it. He will be hard to replace and he’ll be missed by all of us

-I never thought anyone could replace Sherm Feller. But Carl Beane, with that familiar voice, stepped perfectly into the role and left his own huge mark on Sox history. He will be greatly missed. From: Kirk, in New Jersey

God must have needed a voice in heavens ballpark GOD BLESS YOU CARL Paul in Waterford CT

 -I met Carl years ago when I used to work at a TV station very humble always willing to talk to you and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met

-I feel very sad Carl Beane. He was my favorite announcer. E. V. E. R

-Carl had a very warm welcoming velvet voice to the Fenway faithful & Red Sox line-up

-Lost a huge part of our nation today. My heart goes out to his family.

-I wouldn’t know Carl if I walked by him but I would recognize that confident soothing voice anywhere. My condolences to all. –Joe

-loved Carl’s voice! I thought they made a great choice when they gave him the job in 2003. I will miss him. Rest in peace Carl. Andy from South Hadley


Carl, your kindness allowed me to live out a kid from Boston’s dream: stepping foot on Fenway’s sacred soil….a place you called home.

Your voice will never be silenced. 

We’ll miss you, Carl.

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